Mid-Term Rental

Arval Mid-Term-Rental

Flexible car rental for 1 - 24 months

Do you need a flexible car rental, where you can adapt the duration to your needs? A rental that you can terminate early with no cancellation costs or simply prolong? Welcome to Arval Mid-Term Rental!


Flexible, simple, complete

You are free to change the contract at any time desired and profit from possilbe cost savings.

Choose your desired vehicle category and rental duration. We arrange a suitable vehicle for you.

Calculate with exact rental costs for your chosen vehicle. If you adapt the duration you know how the costs are affected at any time.

Choose a place and time for delivery. You will receive it within 7 working days from ordering.

Rent first-class cars, either new or top-serviced and fully equipped.

Profit from attractive rental fees no matter for how long you rent the car. No cancellation fees for early termination or lower driven milage.

Enjoy our professional full-service including repairs, maintenance, tyre change, roadside assistance as well as relief vehicle and insurance.


In every company there are situations, where you cannot determine exactely for how long a specific company car is needed. Arval Mid-Term Rental is the perfect solution for example for:

- employees with a temporary employment contract
- employees working on a project basis
- while waiting for a newly ordered lease vehicle
- businesses with seasonal peaks and troughs and thus with changing transportation needs
- companies that are still unsure about their transportation needs

Arval Mid-Term Rental, our flexible car rental solution for 1 to 24 months, provides you with the best of both worlds: the flexibility of short rental and the carefreeness of full-service leasing.

Mietautos für Unternehmen

This is how it works

You chose vehicle category and duration. We arrange a suitable vehicle to a desired address and time within Austria. If you needs change during the contract, you can adapt it easily.

Do you want to keep the vehicle longer? Then you profit from lower monthly costs for the additional rental time. Do you want to give the vehicle back earlier? No problem. We simply calculate the costs based on the real rental duration. There are no cancellation fees and you only pay the rental fees based on the shorter duration. Of course you can also prolong the contract. The monthly costs stay the same and you can return the car any time.


What happens when my contract expires and I still want to continue driving the vehicle?
You can simply keep on driving the vehicle (maximum rental duration is 24 months).
The rental costs stay the same and you can return the vehicle anytime, with no additional fees.


Can I adapt the duration during the contract?
Yes, at anytime. A prolongation of the contract is always free of charge. You profit from lower rental fees for the additional rental time.

You want to shorten the duration? No problem, we simply calculate the rental fees based on the real rental time. There are no cancellation fees. Minimum rental duration is one month.


Can I return the car before the contract ends?
Yes, in this case we calculate the rental fees based on the real rental time. There are no cancellation fees.


What happens if I drive more kilometers than included in the contract?
The contract includes 4,000 kilometers per month. If you drive more kilometers, we invoice you a minimal fixed amount per additional kilometer.


Do you have any questions? Please contact us at info@arval.at, we are happy to be there for you.