Arval Active Link

Arval Active Link - Telematic for your fleet

Arval Active Link is an onboard telematic solution for fleet management. The data is collected within the car and processed in real-time. Arval Active Link provides you access to all data conerning your total fleet, no matter what brand or financing method.


Benefits of telematic in fleet management

Reduce fleet costs

  • Optimised fuel usage
  • Better maintenance management through mileage control
  • Improved driving behaviour minimizes accident frequency and severity
  • Avoid contract deviations


Increase saftey

  • More reliable fleet through pro-active maintenance
  • Identification of risky driving behaviour
  • Faster location of stolen vehicles
  • Drivers are more aware of save driving


Increase productivity

  • Better route planning
  • Efficient job allocation
  • Real-time planning with ETA


Secure privacy of drivers

  • Clear differentiation between private and business trips
  • Private trips are only visible for the driver
  • Drivers have complete control over their data
  • Optional: Privacy button inside the vehicle

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