Buy or lease?

Buy or lease?

Should you buy or lease your company car? Very often this decision is being made solely based on the price - an approach that does not cover everything. Because leasing is neither more expensive nor cheaper than outright purchase. However, leasing - and especially full service leasing - offers many benefits to companies.



  • Preserves liquidity: Instead of a high, one-time investment you pay only a small monthly fee for using the car. This helps your liquidity and improves your credit rating.
  • Fixed monthly costs: Services like insurance, maintenance, tyres and so on are included in the monthly full service leasing fee. You know the exact costs and can plan better.
  • Economies of scale: We buy each year over 80,000 cars, hundreds of thousands of tyres and garage hours. Benefit from our puchasing power and negotiated fees!
  • Pay-as-you-earn: costs occure while you are using it to do business. This means the car finances itself.


Operating effort:

  • Reduced administration: Each company car produces each month 6-10 documents. Each document costs approx. 13-22 Euro for administration. With full service leasing you reduce this administration effort to a minimum. Everything is invoiced with a single monthly receipt!
  • Focus on core business: By outsourcing of your fleet management you free your employees for core tasks.
  • Fixed contact person: Instead of dealing with car manufacturers, insurance companies, fuel stations, tyre partners and garages you have in Arval one fixed contact person, who takes care of everything.



  • No risk of residual value: With full service leasing you have 0% residual value risk. Use your company car until you do not need it anymore, we take care of selling it.
  • Make risks transperant: You receive detailled reports and analyses for your fleet and thus can spot inefficiencies and  misusage immediately.
  • Profesional fleet management: our experts manage over 1 million cars worldwide. Use our experience and reduce the risk of incorrect decisions.



    • Car policy: A state-of-the-art car policy provides your drivers with clear rules, rights and duties. Our experts consult you about standards and help you customizing your policy to your needs.
    • 100% mobility: A company car is an important benefit and drivers expect 100% mobility. Our driver desk takes care of every driver request and provides 24/7 assistance.
    • Satisfied drivers: Your drivers deserve a high service quality. With modern tools such as a free smartphone app and numerous contact possibilities we offer your drivers the best service they can get.