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Buy or lease?

Buy or lease?

Buy or lease? Very often this decision is being made solely based on the price - an approach that does not cover everything. Leasing is neither more expensive nor cheaper than outright buying. Total costs are more or less the same. But with full-service leasing you do not have to take care of daily fleet management. We organise everything for your - from changing tyres, to claiming damages with your insurance, to invoicing fuel and of course all communication with your drivers. You can focus on your main tasks.

In addition you outsource all financial risks to Arval such as selling the vehicle after usage or repairs. This means you know exactly your costs and reduce administrative effort to a single monthly invoice - for everything!

Vorteile Full-Service-Leasing


Advantages of full-service leasing at a glance

  • Fixed, projectable monthly costs
  • Outsourcing of daily fleet management tasks
  • Outsourcing and minimizing of all risks
  • Cost monitoring and transparency
  • Clear and transparent car policy for your employees
  • Ongoing analysis of your fleet
  • Competent and focused consulting


Common mistakes…

I can’t choose my model or take advantage of special offers.” Arval is able to deliver benchmark TCO comparison on every brand, make and model, at any moment in time, and our buying power ensures the lowest possible costs.

Operational leasing is more expensive than outright purchase.” Operational leasing and outright purchase work out pretty much equivalent, in fact. The big difference is all the hassle that we save you. We understand that you still want to compare your current situation with a possible future situation. Most companies tend to compare costs from the past with future lease costs.

„I do not replace my vehicles very often through new ones, this is why an outright purchase is better for me." Arval can offer you contracts up to 60 months. You do not have to renew your contract if you want to use the vehicle for a longer duration. At the same time we offer your the same degree in service, cost optimization and planning for your business fleet.