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Our products

Full-Service-Leasing for every need
Whether you need a one-day contract or a 5-year one, Arval offers you the perfect solution.

Arval's Full-Service-Leasing equals efficient fleet management, developed from managing 950.000 vehicles worldwide. You profit from innovative mobility solutions, reduced costs based on economy of scale and a longterm relationship.


Arval Full-Service-Leasing includes:

  • Advice for developing and adapting your car policy (budget framework, organisatory needs, technical requirements, ...)
  • Vehicle selection independet from manufacturers, solely based on total cost of ownership aspects
  • Management of maintenance, repairs and tyres in cooperation with our big bodyshop network
  • Claim management (evaluation of repairs, interim vehicle, insurance handeling, ...)
  • Insurance management (registration and deregistration, invoicing of deductibles, ...)
  • Detailled online reporting of all costs, CO2 emissions, driver performance, ...
  • Direct driver communication, mobile apps, safe driving trainings ...
  • Fuel cards (organisation, level of authorisation, invoicing, replacement, ...)
  • 24h service hotline for drivers including breakdown and accident assistance within Europe
  • Organisation of rental cars and relief vehicles
  • Logistics for vehicle delivery and return
  • Incurrence of residual value risk


Our leasing products by duration

Apart from longterm full-service-leasing, which provide many benefits for your mobility and fleet strategy, Arval offers you solutions with a short- and middle-term duration.

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From 24 months on
Long-term rental
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An easy and cost-effective way of financing and managing business vehicles, long-term rental allows you to lease brand new cars and vans without having to tie up capital in order to purchase them.

Arval’s long-term rental contracts run between 2 and 5 years (although they can be longer). You have the use of new cars without up-front costs. Instead, you budget your expenditure as a fixed monthly amount. We offer the widest choice of models, and our competitive costs factor in the benefit of our buying power. We handle all aspects of maintenance and tyre management for you, and supply you with replacement vehicles when necessary. We take the hassle out of running a car… or a fleet of cars.

For a variety of reasons, you may need the reassurance of a car leasing solution but without a long-term commitment. Arval’s mid-term rental solution is a simple and flexible full-service product.

Mid-term car rentals allow you to lease a vehicle for between 1 and 24 months. You simply specify the length of contract and the associated mileage, and we select the most appropriate model for you and deliver it as early as the next day. This solution can tide you over while you are waiting for the delivery of new vehicles or help you cope with seasonal work, temporary projects or the mobility needs of visiting colleagues from overseas. The package includes maintenance, insurance and assistance.

Arval’s short-term rental contracts give you the benefit of paying for vehicles only when you need them, so you can be confident that you will always be in full control of your budget.

What many organisations need is the flexibility of short-term vehicle rental. Arval’s contracts allow you to operate a fleet of cars and vans, only paying for vehicles when you need them and returning them when they are not required. With Arval short-term contracts, there are no termination penalties. There is no long-term commitment, and the minimum rental period is just 1 day. Not only that, all servicing and maintenance costs are included. You get all the convenience you could ever need.