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Online reporting with Arval Smart Experience

Arval Smart Experience: tools for fleet managers and drivers

At Arval we understand that for your business to compete you need easy access to your KPIs at all times. That’s why we’ve created our Arval Smart Experience, which channels all of the information from your fleet into one secure platform. Arval Smart Experience ensures that you and your drivers will always have everything you need at the touch of a button.


Connecting you with your fleet

Arval Connect lets you keep track of your fleet at a glance. Optimised for tablet, laptop and desktops, it allows you to access everything you need to know in one intuitive portal. It provides you with an inbox with all your messages from Arval, as well as an archive of documents, including invoices, fines and everything else you might need. And what’s more, it allows you to search by driver or licence plate.


With Arval Connect you will:

  • Keep in touch directly with account managers

  • Keep up-to-date with the latest industry news

  • Access video reviews of fleet vehicles

  • Access maps of available services and maintenance sites


Your entire fleet in a click


Arval Fleet View lets you keep track of information on your entire fleet. With data from all individual drivers on the road, you can easily adjust fleet-wide strategies.


With Arval Fleet View you can:

  • Monitor strategic fleet KPIs

  • Fleet activity and performance

    • Financial overview

    • Driver satisfaction and performance

    • Fuel usage, fuel costs and insurance

    • Contract lapse and mileage coveredCO2 emissions

  • View running costs

  • See which drivers are performing well and which aren’t


The world in your drivers’ hands


Arval Mobile+ connects your drivers with the data they need to ensure their operations are always effective.


With Arval Mobile+ your drivers can:

  • Access their documents at all times, from car registration certificates to driving licences

  • Connect to Arval’s service suppliers network

  • Manage their car maintenance in an easy and simple way

  • Check on their driving performance

  • Find all contract details


How do your drivers perform?


This app will improve your fleet’s driving performance, one driver at a time. Measuring speed, acceleration and braking on your driver’s phone, the app highlights areas for improvement. We know driver performance is important to you, so we have made it a priority.


With Arval Drive Challenge your drivers can:

  • Measure their performance on every journey

  • Unlock rewards

  • Link directly to social media platforms to share their progress

  • Improve their awareness of their driving performance

  • Check their position in leader boards

Arval Drive Challenge is a serious but fun game that helps score your drivers’ performance and also gives them a chance to win a range of prizes. The app will give the drivers a pass or fail based on how they drive. The more passes – the more points they get.