Premium return

Premium return

Premium return is the easiest and most comfortable way to return your leasing vehicle. You choose a date and a 2-hour window in which our logistics partner will pick up your vehicle at the indicated adress.

  • Just fill out the  online premium request form and Arval will organise everything for you.
  • Please allow 14 workdays of leadtime from sending the form to pick up.
  • If you have any questions, please contact Arval at +43 (0)1 706 98 20 0 and

Your benefits

  • Fixed pick up time as desired with a maximum window of 2 hours
  • Our logistic partner will contact you right before pick up
  • Handover protocoll will be filled out together with you
  • Peliminary inspection on site upon pick up
  • Leasing vehicle will be returned by our logistic partner to return site
  • Detailed inspection done by expert at return site

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  • Lead time of 14 workdays between pick up request and desired pick up date
  • Maximum pick up window of 2 hours. In Tyrol and Vorarlberg premium pick up is only possible until midday due to logistics.
  • You will recieve a list of missing parts or damages for which Arval did not receive a damage report. You can hand in missing parts and damage reports within 5 work days. We reserve the right to invoice missing parts and damages with no damage reports.
  • Contract ends after the leasing vehicle arrives at return site and final settlement is done (milage surplus, fuel consumption).

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Items to return

Please return the following items together with your leasing vehicle:

  • Fuel card
  • Spare key
  • Second tyre set
  • Spare tyre
  • All seats for mini vans
  • Code card for stereo respectively removable control panel
  • For navigation systems: originale CD/DVD
  • Boot cover
  • Registration and license plate (if Arval manages degregristration) / If applicable, please return red license plate as well.
  • Service book (stamped)
  • Certificate § 57a
  • User manual
  • Please mail a signed damage claim for damages that have not been repaired but are covered by insurance to

Price list missing parts

Please send a signed damage report for unrepaired damages which are covered by your insurance to 
If you have any questions please contact Arval at +43 (0)1 706 98 20 0 and

Missing part

Compensation (incl. VAT.)

Signed damage claim for unrepaired damages for leasing vehicles with comprehensive insurance

Full damage expenses

Boot cover for station wagons

Current price of manufacturer

Spare key, code for immobiliser

€ 200,-/piece

Seats for mini vans

Current price of manufacturer

Code card for stereo respectively removable control panel

Current price of manufacturer

For navigation systems: originale CD/DVD

Current price of manufacturer

Service booklet (stamped)

€ 175,-

Certificate §57a  (aka „Pickerl“)

€ 120,-

User manual

€ 90,-

Registration and license plate, when deregistration is done by Arval

€ 130,-

Spare tyre set

50% of current price for new tyres

Closing of tyre depot by Arval

€ 125,-

Interior cleaning

€ 70 (extreme staining based on actual costs)

Spare tyre / Tire-fit-set

€ 120


Rates for premium return

Actual costs depend on the distance travelled between pick up location and return site. For a detailled offer please contact Arval at +43 (0)1 706 98 20  and
As a reference please calculate with costs of approximately:

Within Vienna:  € 135,65

Sankt Pölten centre → Vienna centre:   € 169,46

Our logistic partner will contact you after ordering and will inform you about the next possible pick up date. If you wish for a specific date, we will surcharge € 15 net. Please consider that we will charge you for fuel related to the pick up.

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