Partners and suppliers

Guidelines for partners and suppliers

We provide for our leasing vehicles a vast range of services for maintenance, repairs, tyres, vehicle return and so on. Suppliers who want to support Arval in providing those services, find here valuable information for cooperating.

Download: Driving to & parking at Arval for suppliers (pdf)

Direct supplier hotline

+43 (0)1 706 98 20 30

Our serviceline number +43 (0)1 706 98 20 30 is for our partners & suppliers only. Thus your calls are immediately identified and forwarded to the responsible person.

Maintenance & tyres

In case of questions please contact our technical departement:

Tel: +43 (0)1 706 98 20 30

Invoice addresses

We kindly ask you to use e-invoicing when sending us invoices. You can find all infos here: E-Invoicing 

Please note that our address has changed:

Arval Austria GmbH
Austria Campus
Am Tabor 44, Top 3.02.C.
A-1020 Wien
Tel.: 01 706982030

Accidents & damages

In case of accidents & damages please follow the following guidelines:

Approval of repairs: Please get approval BEFORE repairing at +43 1 706 98 20 30 or You need an accident report filled out by the driver or a police report. Please send it together with pictures of the damage as soon as possible to (max. 5MB).

Requiring expertise: In general we need for every damage an expertise. Please require authorizastion for an expertise directly at the insurance. If the insurance company is unknown, please contact Arval.

Invoicing agreed hourly rates: Please take care, that you only invoice hourly rates. Flate rates have to be authorised by the insurance. Furthermore the invoice can never be higher than the costs according to the expertise. If the costs are higher please require an additional expertise. This helps to avoid unnecessary delay of payment.

Sending documents & invoice: In order to process your invoice as fast as possible please send us for every damage

  • Invoice with Arval approval number
  • Expertise
  • If not send yet: damage report or police report, pictures

Please provide reliefe vehicles only after contacting Arval.

Buy used cars on MotorTrade

Buy used cars on MotorTrade


MotorTrade is the online auction platform of Arval for car dealers. With MotorTrade you have access to a large variety of top-serviced used cars.

  • Chose from up to 6,000 cars all over Europe
  • All vehicles are examined by an independent expert
  • Well-maintained vehicles with a past service duration from 24 to 60 months
  • MotorTrade is accessible 24/7 and optimised for mobile devices

Find out more about MotorTrade

Become a partner!


Arval strives to offer its clients and drivers the best possible quality of service. As a result, we have agreements in place with a large number of suppliers who meet the same quality standards. We are always eager to hear what your company has to offer. If you wish to become one of our partners, and need more information on the subject, you're welcome to contact us by phone: +43 (0)1 706 98200