Standard return with protocol

Standard return with protocol

Return your Arval leasing car fast and hassel-free at a Denzel station. Your vehicle will be then transported safely to our central return station in Vienna on a lorry. Upon request you can be present during the inspection done by an expert. If you chose this option, please call our 24-hour serviceline 0800 29 19 44 and arrange for a return date.

Your benefits

  • Arrange a fixed return date
  • Chose one of seven Denzel outlets in Austria
  • Opt for being present during inspection done by an expert
  • Your leasing car will be returned safely on a lorry to our central return station in Vienna


  • Please allow 7 working days leadtime
  • You will receive a list of missing parts and damages where we did not receive a damage report yet. You can hand in damage reports within 5 working days at After those five working days missing parts and damages without report will be invoiced base on our tarif list.
  • The contract ends after the leasing vehicle is returned to our central return station and after final settelment (milage surplus, fuel consumption).

Denzel stations

Zip Place Address Business hours
1030 Wien Erdbergstraße 189 Mo - Fr
Sa 08:30–12:00
So Closed
2700 Wiener Neustadt Neunkirchnerstraße 129 Mo - Fr
Sa 09:00- 2:00
So Closed
5020 Salzburg Innsbrucker Bundesstraße 77-79 Mo - Fr
Sa 09:00-12:00
So Closed
7000 Eisenstadt Mattersburger Straße 31 Mo - Fr
Sa 09:00-12:00
So Closed
8052 Graz Wetzelsdorferstraße 35 Mo - Fr
Sa 09:00-12:00
So Closed
9020 Klagenfurt Feldkirchnerstraße 90 Mo - Fr
Sa 09:00-12:00
So Closed
9020 Klagenfurt St. Veiter Straße 209 Mo Fr
Sa 09:00-12:00
So Closed



Tarif for inspection

  • Inspection without driver EUR 99,-- excl. VAT.
  • Inspection together with driver EUR 114,-- excl. VAT.


Tarif for transport with lorry from Denzel to central return station in Vienna





€ 118,81

€ 182,87


€ 145,20

€ 224,64


€ 184,80

€ 262,08

S, K

€ 189,05

€ 300,89

T, V

€ 216,00

€ 419,04

Special load flat charge

€ 780

All rates are including VAT

Tarif missing parts

Please send a signed damage report for unrepaired damages which are covered by your insurance to 
If you have any questions please contact Arval at +43 (0)1 706 98 20 0 and

Missing part

Compensation (incl. VAT.)

Signed damage claim for unrepaired damages for leasing vehicles with comprehensive insurance

Full damage expenses

Boot cover for station wagons

Current price of manufacturer

Spare key, code for immobiliser

€ 200,-/piece

Seats for mini vans

Current price of manufacturer

Code card for stereo respectively removable control panel

Current price of manufacturer

For navigation systems: originale CD/DVD

Current price of manufacturer

Service booklet (stamped)

€ 175,-

Certificate §57a  (aka „Pickerl“)

€ 120,-

User manual

€ 90,-

Registration and license plate, when deregistration is done by Arval

€ 130,-

Spare tyre set

50% of current price for new tyres

Closing of tyre depot by Arval

€ 125,-

Interior cleaning

€ 70 (extreme staining based on actual costs)

Spare tyre / Tire-fit-set

€ 120