Driver center


Find all relevant information for your Arval leasing car here.
For any questions or request please contact our driver desk at 0800-29 19 44.

Download: Arval driver booklet ARVAL NAVIGATOR (available only in German)

App & Online-Tool

With our online-tool "My Arval" and our free smartphone app "My Arval Mobile" you can access anytime and anywhere information and documents for your leasing car. You can either login via our website via the link on the top right corner under "Customer Account" or directly via the URL The free app can be downloaded either in the play store for Android or in the apple store for iOS phones.

"My Arval" provides you with:

  • details about your leasing contract, invoices and damages
  • reporting of damages and requesting service appointments
  • configurator for your next leasing car (available only on the online tool, not on the app)
  • archive for all your documents
  • search for the nearest partner garage (with real-time map)
  • quarterly driving statistics
  • contract countdown
  • contact button directly to Arval


FAQs for "My Arval"

How can I get access to "My Arval"?
Please check first with the responsible person in your company, if "My Arval" is part of your service package. If so, the fleet manager simply has to send us your e-mail address and we will open an account for you. You will receive an automatic message with a link, where you can set your chosen password. If you do not receive an e-mail, please contact our driver desk at 0800-29 19 44.

Where can I download the app "My Arval Mobile"?
You can download it either in the Play Store for Anroid or in the Apple Store für iOS. Just scan the QR code with your mobile or click on it to open the link.

My Arval Mobile für Android herunterladen My Arval Mobile für iOS herunterladen

Why can I access «My Arval» but not the app "My Arval Mobile"?
"My Arval Mobile" was developed for drivers, who are registred for only one car. You have to be an active Arval driver (not in order phase) and only registred for one car. If you are registred for mor cars, you cannot use the app.

My user name / password is incorrect. How can I login?
Arval changed the login process in order to meet the current data protection requirements. Thus you have to change your password at Please click on «request password», enter your business e-mail and click «send request». You will receive a link where you can set up your new password. Please note that the link is only valid for 15 minutes.

Service & Maintenance

You can chose any authorised garage for service and maintenance. Please bring your service card which enables you to consume services all over Austria and without cash. You can - if not agreed differently - order maintenance work, the legal inspection §57a ("Pickerl") as well as tyre service. The costs will be invoiced directly to your employer.

  • Always show your service card. Forgot your service card? Please ask the garage to contact Arval, we will clarify everything.
  • If you want to have additional work done, that is not stipulated by the manufacturer, please check beforehand with Arval.
  • Please keep the maintenance intervalls recommended by the manufacturer -  for your own safety and for securing warranty and goodwill claims.
  • Show your service book at each service and ask the garage to sign it.
  • Protest any visible defects before the guarantee runs out at a service station of the manufacturer.


Do you drive a Tesla?
In order for your Tesla to be maintained professionally and to be repaired with original parts, Tesla has set up own partner garages for you.
Find here information about Tesla service (available only in German).

Accidents & damages


We hope that you drive safely and without accident. If something happes, we have some recommendations for you:

  • Do not admit liability if you are involved in a motor accident, although you are obliged to give your particulars to anyone who has reasonable cause to request them.
  • Report all damages to Arval within 48 hours. Online accident report, with our app "My Arval Mobile" or just call us under 0800 / 291944. Our colleagues will gladly guide you through the process.
  • Please obtain registration number, make and model of the other vehicle, name, address and insurance details of the other driver and if possible names and addresses of any independent witnesses.
  • If the other driver failed to produce particulars or in case of personal injuries, theft, break-in, fire, hit animals and hit-and-run parking damage please inform the nearest police station.
  • Please contact our 24-h service hotline 0800 / 29 19 44 since all repairs have to be approved by Arval.
  • If necessary take pictures of the accident


For repairs we receomment our body repair shops all over Austria. They offer you many benefits:

  • Free pick-up within approx. 50km
  • Free-of-charge reliefe vehicle during repair
  • Fast appointements, Arval customers are preferred
  • Low hourly fees for a high quality (preserves your damage quote)
  • Car cleaning after each repair

For glass repairs we reccoment our specialized partner Carglass. Please contact the Carglass Service Line 0800 / 222 22 22 directly for an appointement.


Road assistance

Our international road assistance is there for you under 0800 / 29 19 44. Our assistance provides many services with full or partial cost coverage. Included are for example technical help on site, rescue and towing as well as organization of a relief vehicle. We help you in many different situations such as:

- Empty battery
- Empty fuel tank
- Wrong fuel typ
- Broken front or rear windshield
- Damage caused by martens
- Broken key
- Key locked inside the car
- Malfunctioning lights
- Flat tyre

Download: Arval Assistance services (pdf, german only)


Rescue card

Cars become more and more safe. This can also cause problems: if passangers have to be rescued, who cannot leave the car after an accident. In order to guarantee a fast rescue, rescue cards are availalbe for each car modell. The card contains vital construction details of the car and should be kept under the sun blind above the driver seat. Better yet if you put a sticker "rescue card inside" next to the A-column of your car.

You can print out the rescue card for your modell on the OAMTC website.

Tyre change & depot

If your leasing contract includes tyres, you benefit from all tyre services by simply showing your service card. Please only use our tyre partners, which are located all over Austria.

Tyre management includes:

  • New tyres (smallest dimension for winter tyres)
  • Wheel balancing
  • Tyre changing
  • Tyre storage
  • Disposing of old tyres


Allowed are only tyre sizes authorised by the vehicle manufacturer. Summer tyres will be changes when profil is below 2 mm, winter tyres below 4 mm.

Download: List of Arval tyre partners (pdf)

Fuel card

Your fuel card enables you to get fuel at the indicated outlets. Depending on the car policy of your employer you may also use the card for washing, spare parts and other products.

Please store your card safely and protect the magnetic stripe from heat and magnetic fields. In order to use the card for payment you need the four digit PIN code. Please keep the code confidential and do not write it on the card. Always give your current milage when refueling (in case of a reliefe vehicle indicate "999.999").


  • OMV Routex-Card (OMV, BP, Aral, Agip, Avanti) - please watch out for the Routex-Logo 
  • BP Routex-Card (BP, OMV, Aral, Agip, Turmöl) - please watch out for the Routex-Logo 
  • euroShell-Card (Shell, iQ)

Card lost or not working?
Please contact Arval immediately at 0800-29 19 44.

Paid cash?
Please send us this cash refund form (pdf) and we reimburse you the money.
Important: Amounts below € 75,00 (incl. VAT) must show the VAT percentage. Amounts over € 75,00 (incl. VAT.) must be invoiced to Arval and VAT has to be given seperately.

Driving abroad

  • If you want to drive abroad, please have this approval of usage(pdf) sigend by your employer.
  • Please remember to take all necessary documents with you.
  • If you have any questions, please contact Arval at 0800-29 19 44

Download: Approval of usage(pdf)

Vehicle return

Your leasing contract expires and you want to return your vehicle? Chose from four different options:

1. Pick-up by Arval (7 days lead time)

  • Pick-up within 5 working days (Vienna) or 7 working days (rest of Austria)
  • Pick-up only from company address
  • Vehicle will be picked up by our logistic partner with a truck (has to be accessible with truck)
  • Leasingvehicle will be driven back by our logistics partner
  • Costs according to price list

Pick-up by Arval

2. Selfservice return:

  • You return the leasing vehicle by yourself to our return site i(Firma Gredinger)
  • On any given day within official business hours of the return site
  • Please send beforhand an e-mail to and inform us about the return and vehicle license

Request a selfservice return


IMPORTANT: Please remember to also return the tyres. On demand we retrive the tyres against a service fee. The leasing contract ends with the arrival of the vehicle at our return site. For pick-up through Arval, Arval functions solemly as agent.

Download: Checklist for vehicle return

Buy your leasing car

Are you happy with your leasing car from Arval? Keept it and buy it under attractive conditions!

No one knows your car better than yourself. If you buy it you are safe from bad surprises. And no matter if you buy the car for yourself, your family or a good friend you profit from attractive terms and conditions for Arval drivers.

Sounds interesting? Send a buy request to together with the estimated mileage and the requested buying date. Please note that we can send you a binding offer only as early as three months before you want to buy the car.