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Driver center

Driver center

Find all relevant driver information concerning tyres, service and repairs. Our 24-h service hotline helps you in case of accidents, arranging maintenance or tyre change, lost service or fuel cards and can be reached at telephone 0800-29 19 44.

Download: Arval Driver booklet ARVAL NAVIGATOR

App Arval mobile +

App Arval mobile +

Our Arval App offers you anytime and anywhere access to information and documents concerning your leasing vehicle. It is available for all smartphones and features real-time maps to the nearest service partner, an archives for documents, user statistics and messages from Arval. Arrange for maintenance or service appointments directly via your smartphone or tablet and contact your Arval team by clicking one button.

With Arval Mobile+ you can:

  • Access all documents at all times, from car registration certificates to driving licences 
  • Find the nearest Arval service partner
  • Arrange for maintenance or service appointments
  • Check on your driving performance
  • Find all contract details
  • Connect with your Arval team by clicking one button
  • See the remaining days until end of your contract


Frequently asked questions about Arval Mobile+

I can't find Arval Mobile+ in the app store. Where can I download it?
Arval Mobile+ is a browser based app and thus not available in app stores. You can open in on your mobile by inserting the URL  «mobile.myarval.com» in your browser and log on with the same user and password as on «My Arval». Add Arval Mobile+ simply to the desktop of your smartphone for quick access.

Why can I access «My Arval» but not Arval Mobile+?
Mobile+ was created for drivers who are allocated to a single car. You have to drive a single leasingcar from Arval (not just an order). If more vehicles were allocated to you, you cannot use Arval Mobile+.

My user name and/or password is incorrect. How can I log on?
Arval has changed the login process for our online accounts in order to meet all data protection demands. Thus you have to change your password. Please change your password with you internet browser at myarval.com. Click on  «request password», add your business e-mail address and «send request». You will receive a link where you can request a new password. Please note that you need to use this link within 15 minutes or you have to start it again.

Link to mobile+


We hope that you stay safe on all your journeys. In case anything happens please consider the following:

  • Do not admit liability if you are involved in a motor accident, although you are obliged to give your particulars to anyone who has reasonable cause to request them.
  • Please obtain registration number, make and model of the other vehicle, name, address and insurance details of the other driver and if possible names and addresses of any independent witnesses.
  • If the other driver failed to produce particulars or in case of personal injuries, theft, break-in, fire, hit animals and hit-and-run parking damage please inform the nearest police station.
  • Report all damages to Arval within 48 hours.
  • Please contact our 24-h service hotline 0800 / 29 19 44 since all repairs have to be approved by Arval.
  • Please note that we can only cover for costs, when the accident was reported to our service hotline 0800 / 29 19 44.
  • For body damages we recommend our partner workshops and for glass our car glass specialists.



Accident report (pdf)

List of our partner workshops (pdf)

Online accident form (german only)


Arval takes care of all maintenance and service appointments as well as the legal inspection according to §57a. All expenses will be invoiced directly to your employer. We recomment you to use our partner workshops. Of course you can use any other authorised workshop, however Arval reserves the right to refuse workshops.

  • Please always show your service card. Forgot your card? Ask the workshop to contact Arval and we will organise everything directly.
  • If you want to have additional work done, which is not required by the manufacturer, please contact Arval beforehand.
  • Follow the maintenance recommendations of the manufacturer to ensure your own saftey as well as guarantee rights.
  • Show your service booklet and have it stamped by the workshop.
  • Object all "visible defects" before the end of the manufacturers guarantee.


If your leasing contract includes tyres, you benifit from all tyre services by simply showing your service card. Please only use our tyre partners, which are located all over Austria.

Tyre management includes:

  • New tyres (smallest dimension for winter tyres)
  • Wheel balancing
  • Tyre changing
  • Tyre storage
  • Disposing of old tyres

Allowed are only tyre sizes authorised by the vehicle manufacturer.
Summer tyres will be changes when profil is below 2 mm, winter tyres below 4 mm.

Download: List of Arval tyre partners (pdf)

Break down

Break down assistance

In the event of a breakdown, Arval Assistance helps you 24/7. Arval Assistance offers you technical help onsite, salvaging and towing as well as organizing a relief vehicle. Services include complete or partial cost coverage for break downs, accidents and theft.

Call our 24h service hotline at 0800 - 29 19 44

Arval Assistance supports you in many situations, for example:

- Empty battery
- Empty fuel tank
- Wrong fuel
- Broken front or rear window
- Damage caused by martens
- Broken key
- Key locked in car
- Malfunctioning lights
- Flat tyres



Your fuel card enables you to get fuel at the indicated outlets. Depending on the car policy of your employer you may also use the card for washing, spare parts and other products.

Please store your card safely and protect the magnetic stripe from heat and magnetic fields. In order to use the card for payment you need the four digit PIN code. Please keep the code confidential and do not write it on the card. Always give your current milage when refueling (in case of a reliefe vehicle indicate "999.999").


  • OMV Routex-Card (OMV, BP, Aral, Agip, Avanti) - please watch out for the Routex-Logo 
  • BP Routex-Card (BP, OMV, Aral, Agip, Turmöl) - please watch out for the Routex-Logo 
  • euroShell-Card (Shell, iQ)

Card lost or not working?
Please contact Arval immediately at 0800-29 19 44.

Paid cash?
Please send us this cash refund form (pdf) and we reimburse you the money. Important: Amounts below € 75,00 (incl. VAT) must show the VAT percentage. Amounts over € 75,00 (incl. VAT.) must be invoiced to Arval and VAT has to be given seperately.

Vehicle return

Vehicle return

Your leasing contract expires and you want to return your vehicle? Chose from three different options:


Premium return (7 days lead-time):

  • Fixed date and 2-hour pick-up window
  • Pick-up from home address possible
  • Hand-over protocol on site
  • Leasingvehicle will be driven back by our logistics partner
  • Costs depend on distance from return site

Request a premium return


Standard return (14 days lead time):

  • Pick-up within 2 days (Vienna) respectively within 14 days (rest of Austria)
  • Pick-up only from company address possible
  • Leasing vehicle will be driven back on a heavy-load lorry by our logistics partner (access must be possible!)
  • Costs according to tarif

Reuqest a standard return


Selfservice return:

  • You return the leasing vehicle by yourself to our return site in 1220 Vienna
  • On any given day within official business hours of the return site
  • Please send beforhand an e-mail to rueckgabe@arval.at and inform us about the return and vehicle license

Request a selfservice return

IMPORTANT: Please remember to also return the tyres. On demand we retrive the tyres against a service fee. The leasing contract ends with the arrival of the vehicle at our return site. For premium and standard return Arval functions solemly as agent.


Download: Checklist for vehicle return

Driving abroad

Driving abroad

  • If you want to drive abroad, please have this approval of usage (pdf) sigend by your employer.
  • Please remember to take all necessary documents with you.
  • If you have any questions, please contact Arval at 0800-29 19 44
Driver challenge

Driver challenge

Arval Drive Challenge Are you a good driver? Improve your driving in a playful way and compare your performance with others! Our app "Arval Driver Challenge" is easy to use and available for both Android and iOS.

Simply download Arval Drive Challenge in the app store and evaluate your trips by clicking Start and Stop.



  • The app evaluates your driving performance based on breaking, accelaration and velocity.
  • Receive for each trip points and unlock achievements and badges.
  • The best drivers are displayed in a ranking.
  • Compare your performance with others and share it with your friends on facebook
Driver Challange in store